Sometimes you just need to JUMP

Sometimes you just have to jump.

A year ago, I looked back at my sister (who was laughing her head off, btw) as I was nudged to the open door of a plane at 13k feet. This was the look I gave her. 

Ready or not…

Skydiving was on my bucket list for a LONG time and my mom, yes my MOM, was the impetus for it finally happening when it did. My 72yo mother had already jumped and I was next. There was some “WTF had I gotten myself into?” and some “holy shit, this is actually happening” and then I turned around and we were gone. No time to second guess. No time to change my mind. I had signed the papers and we were going, whether I was mentally prepared or not.

Honestly, I think that’s how we need to live our lives. Less analyzing. Less overthinking. Less worrying about what others will think. More doing, even in the face of fear.

Are there things you want to do? Adventures you want to take? Businesses you want to start? Big, scary dreams you’re dreaming of? A better level of fitness you wish to achieve? Things/people in your life that don’t bring to your life as much as they take? YOU and only you have the power to make the changes that will make room for more LIFE and LOVE and EXPERIENCES… 

Sometimes we just need to JUMP, even in the face of fear.

Because, if not now, when? And, if not you, then who?

I’m no longer living my life in fear of what others will think of me or what they may or may not be expecting of me. I will no longer be a smaller version of myself because others are afraid to shine. When we shine bright, we allow others the permission to shine right alongside us. Take the risk. Make the bold move. Shine bright, my friend. JUMP.

My mom who was the impetus for this adventure and my sister (the only experienced jumper in our little group).
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