The finish line

We all end up at the same finish line at different times. 
~Mel Robbins

Are you feeling like life is passing you by? Each day you wake up and just go through the motions to get through the day and living for the weekends? Do you worry about having regrets in 10-20 years or more about the things you didn’t do, the experiences you didn’t have or not contributing “enough”?

Here’s the beauty of it all… even though we don’t get to choose our expiration date, we DO have the power to make small changes every day to put ourselves on the path to our bigger dreams. You don’t have to wake up one day in the last chapter of your life and wish you had done MORE.

  • Want to improve your fitness? Strap on your shoes and go for that walk or do that workout.
  • Not happy with your nutrition? Swap out one meal a day for a healthier option until you’re ready to take a bigger step. Not sure what a “healthier option” even means? Do some research. Empower yourself. LEARN.
  • Feel like you’re not fulfilled in your career? Pick up a side hustle. Take a chance on something new.
  • Maybe you just know something MORE is out there but don’t know how figure out what that is. Take a class. Listen to empowering audiobooks or podcasts. Volunteer. Book the dream vacation. Get out of your safe, little comfort zone.
  • Ever feel like society is full of assholes and crazy people? Turn off the damn news (seriously). Be cautious about what media you consume. SMILE to strangers. Hold the door for people. Instead of raging about getting cutoff while driving, smile and know we are all doing our best.

Everything starts with the first step. If not now, when?