The power of the MIND

Let’s talk about the power of the MIND. You and you alone get to CHOOSE what your life looks like… what dreams you follow, what purpose your life fulfills. 

My son used to cry his face off when we would go to a certain restaurant because he “didn’t like it”. For his 5th birthday, he CHOSE to go there because he somehow decided that the age of 5 was a good age to decide he liked it. Five years old and the kid was already understanding the choices he had power over. 

One of the dear friends in this picture said (just over a year ago) that she had three close friends and that was enough for her. Now I think she’d miss all of the “bonus friends” you see here. 

The Vibe Tribe: a group of self-proclaimed misfits who came together for a common goal and have grown leaps and bounds as people and as friends.

Another friend in this pic used to proudly proclaim that she hates hugs… now she accepts them because she’s DECIDED she wants to like them (we’re still working on Michelle in the middle though). 

I’m in the midst of a “sober summer” because I’m choosing to. In the beginning it was HARD. I actually haven’t posted about it sooner because I was afraid I’d fail… but each day is helping it feel more “normal”. I’m totally ok now going to a brewery and having a kombucha or water. Or cocktails on the deck with friends and choosing a Ningxia mocktail instead (let’s be real… any excuse to drink more Ningxia is a-ok with me). 

It’s all about choices. Not only choices in action but, choices in what you focus on… I could choose to dwell on “omg, I CAN’T have alcohol” and feel like I’m depriving myself or I can choose to focus on my health goals and what I CAN have. 

The mind is more powerful than any of us realize. What small shift can you make today to free yourself from the chains of labels you’ve given yourself or accepted from others?

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